1 Shirt Dress 10 Different Styles

It doesn't matter if your summer vacation this year doesn't look like previous ones and rather involves lots of staying home and endless zoom meetings. It's always summer somewhere and there always will be summer every year. And that means you want to invest in a clean, cool dress with a ton of versatility that is stylish every year and lasting forever. Here's is 1 simple shirt dress in (at least) 10 different styles to kick you off. 

1. Off-the-shoulder

The stretchy shoulder straps make it easier for off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder styling. But this shirt dress's neckline and collars alone are made to highlight the natural, slouchy, and sexy off-the-shoulder fit. 


2. One-shoulder

3. Buttoned-up

A classic.

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4. Cover up

The most practical (and elegant) beach-to-dinner dress.  

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Photo Credit: Whowhatwear.com  (Photo: FAMA PRESS/SPLASH NEWS)

5. With cool shorts/pants

Who said you can't wear a dress with pants? 


6. Cinched

Your belts will thank you.

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7. Short dress or any length you want

Shirt dress to a short dress takes one small pin (or better yet, a brooch). ;) 


8. Paired up 

A ton of versatility means it should pair well with and compliment any coordinating items styled together. Whether it's a vest, blazer, cropped top, simply anything and everything. 


9. Like a lightweight coat 

And of course you can size up for a lightweight coat effect. 


10. Dress on dress 

 Because it's better together. 


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