My Followers Call Me Bottega Queen But Here is My Honest Review on Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Bag

Ok. I'm biased. I love all new Bottega Veneta's offerings under Daniel Lee. However, the most coveted bag on the internet or fashion scene might, in fact, not be your most coveted bagI am a big shopper and a sucker for bags (as a side hustle to my main job, fashion brand owner).
I receive a ton of bag related questions on instagram (@ootdnewyork10). So I'm going to crack on addressing some of the most popular questions/concerns and get to the bottom of "REALLY, IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU?" in this post.  
The cassette bag comes in two different types: Padded and Regular.
Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette BagPADDED CASSETTE BAG USD 2,800

Bottega Veneta CassetteCASSETTE BAG USD 1,900   
   (Photos: Bottega Veneta official website)


It comes in a variety of colors and has gold and silver hardware options as well. 

(Photos: Bottega Veneta official website)
 And they added a chain cassette to the latest Pre-Fall '20 collection. 🤩
photo: mytheresa official website
I have a padded version in color Plaster with gold hardware. Got this back in summer 2019. 

    Photo: @ootdnewyork10
Padded cassette bags are...
  • made of 100% lambskin
  • crossbody bag with maxi weave all around 
  • dimensions: 7"H x 10.2" W x 3.1"H
  • the strap is adjustable (the new chain is not but it has a handle separately)
  • Bottega Veneta's signature triangle buckle (chain does not have/need the buckle)
  • Bottega Veneta logo is engraved in at the end of the strap. 
    Photo: @ootdnewyork10
    On to the 4 most asked questions...
    1. Does it scratch easily? Is the leather delicate? 
    While the leather is soft, it doesn't scratch easily. That's the best thing about the cassette bag. It's aesthetically beautiful AND very practical at the same time. Just like a lot of new Bottega Veneta bags. But especially this one is slightly coated almost like patent leather. So, it's quite scratch- and dirt-resistant. 
    2. Does the light color get stained easily?
    Guess what. I had a mean stain on my bag one time. This was my face 😱. With a scream, of course. Quickly took out a Clorox wipe, all the option I had at the moment, wiped it off really gently. This amazing bag was so forgiving and let the stain come off right away! (No Clorox please, though. Professional leather care is recommended.) But if this was the reason holding you back from buying this bag, now you are one step closer to a worry-free purchase. 
    3. Strengths vs. Weaknesses / Is it worth the price?
    - It is a beautifully deigned bag. The way they reworked the classic intrecciato weave in a big padded design is absolutely brilliant. Very "Instagrammable" too.
    - Versatility. Can work multiple duty as clutch, shoulder bag, crossbody bag. You get a lot of use out of it. 
    - Good size for daily use, travel, etc. Not too big. Not too small. 
    Trendy. Which can be good and bad. But maybe more of a weakness if you're looking for an investment piece.  
    - Biggest downside of this bag is that because the padded maxi weave takes up the interior space, you just can't fit all that much.

    These are my bare necessities when traveling which includes a few more items than a daily use: Passsport, iPhone (which I used to take this picture, hence not in the picture), keys on a small vintage LV key holder wallet, tiny hand cream (L'Occitane makes those tiny sizes), tiny Le Labo lip balm, airpods, La Mer Cushion Foundation, and Kindle.
    To fit all these, it's quite a bit of Tetris you have to play. Or you would have to give up on a couple things.
    5. and the million dollar question... IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU?
    YES,  what are you waiting for? NO, not really...
    • If you prefer straps on your bags
    • If you are looking for a bag around this size
    • If you want a beautiful delicate bag that is also practical
    • If you're looking for a classic that will never go out of style
    • If you're looking for a night-out clutch more so than a practical functional bag (the chain option may work as those cocktail hour clutches but they're about $1,000 more than the strapped ones. Might as well save up more and get a Chanel classic flap.)
    • If you're looking for a bag that holds a lot of stuff
    Last but not least, since the new Bottega's gained so much attention and popularity over the past couple years, they've been consistently raising their price. This bag was $2,480 when I got it (Summer 2019). But it's now sold for $2,800. And the new chain cassette is $3,800. 
    So if you feel that you've debated enough and can't stop thinking about it, go get it before the price goes up, yet again. 
    ❤️ If you have any more questions or need my help in any way please DM me on my instagram @ootdnewyork10 🐑

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