Intimidated by Wide Leg Pants? You Won't be After Reading This

One pants trend that never seems to go out of style is the wide leg kind. They made a huge comeback some years ago with a plan to stay and they stuck to that plan. They are seen on the runways every season, every year by almost all fashion houses and all over Instagram.

The wide-leg trousers, however, could be intimidating especially if you consider yourself to be on the “shorter” or "petite" side. Or maybe you are just more used to fitted, skinny silhouettes. So what to look for when adding this timeless staple to your wardrobe?

The key is “high-rise”. The high-rise wide leg pants are the secret sauce to longer looking legs while creating that flattering loose silhouette which elevates your entire outfit. Besides, they go with pretty much anything. Keep scrolling for the inspo! 

High-rise/high-waisted wide leg pants accentuate the waist and allow for longer looking legs while hugging all the right places. But because they also tend to have a big lumpy feel to it, an accent belt, wide or slim, leather or chain, would be a cherry on top.👌🏻🍒

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The ROW SS21 @Photo via Courtesy of The Row via

Don't box yourself in matching big coats or big jackets or big shirts to pair with the wide leg pants. They also get along very well with the "trend-of-the-season" crop tops, crop jackets, cutout tops, etc.   

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CHANEL SS21 @Photo: Lucioni - Oberraouch /

And the crop top/jacket or shirt tucked-in will also help create a "longer-looking-leg" effect.

CHANEL SS21 @Photo: Lucioni - Oberraouch /
Photo: @camillecharriere on instagram
Told you, they go with anything, even with a bikini top or sports bra.
 CELINE SS21 @photo: courtesy of CELINE via

 And match really well with any shoes. Sneakers, sandals, slides, you name it. 

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